— Making a market for memes — to the moon

Care for some memes?

Memes are fun, and they are an integral part of the crypto world, where they are spontaneously created and shared on countless Telegram and Discord groups and Reddit threads. Many projects sponsor the creation of memes through contests which play a big part in their promotion.

Dogecoin, to the moooooon!
Brothers Bogdanoff — Temps X — ©M. Jeanneau

Capture the value of the trend

The idea behind is quite simple: to create a meme market that will let you endorse your favorite memes and earn rewards if they are trending.

Meme Markets — ©
mTokens: memetic assets associated to each Memes — ©


Any user can buy existing mTokens for a Meme that already has a market, but can also create a market for any meme that is not already on the platform.

  • Market making rewards: the platform will reward users with the highest trading volume.
  • Quest rewards: there will be trading competitions on the different markets.
Unleash the power of the Meme — ©

IDO will have it’s IDO on Polygon with polkastarter the 15th of June 2021.


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The article is for informational purposes only. It contains no financial advice. Always do your own research before investing in any crypto project.



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